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The magic exists!

Lately, I got myself into mindset creation, that consumed all my time. I became obsessed with the opportunity to create myself. I can’t believe that I never knew everything that I know now! It feels like I have been in the dissolution all my life and one day some wizard came and gave me the wings to fly.

First, one of the people I knew, introduced me to the Secret book, but this book is confused me even more. I know, many people who read it, they felt the same. I understand that some of those who I know, they read the book, and they just laughed and put it away. But, it wasn’t me. In some way, I have got that itch to discover more. I wanted to dig deeper.

I found a person who opened the door that led me to the knowledge of Universal laws. In the end, this guru almost ruined my life, but I still grateful that I had that experience. After such a wrong lesson, many would stop, but it is not me. The more I thought about self-improvement, the deeper I wanted to dig. I kept asking myself questions: “Why it is going this way but not another?” or “Why it happened?” You all know the feeling of obsession. I became obsessed with the idea to find the answers.

Well, the teacher appeared when the student is ready. One day it happened. I found Mr Paul Santisi, another wizard who has opened the door for me to the vast knowledge. I bought his program, and I am at the learning stage right now. I learned a lot! I can’t even say how much I learned; it is like the secrets of life are unfolding in front of me. I am grateful for the opportunity and this knowledge that is with me now. It is five minutes to learn and a lifetime to apply.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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