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Moving to Facebook

I am so sorry, I haven’t been here for so long. I am moving to Facebook because it is easier to communicate with people.

I created closed group that would be amazing experience for the members. I kind of new at that but I give it a try. You never know if you never try.

When it comes to fitness, most of the Personal Trainers working with the body only. But this is not how it works. If your mind is unhealthy, if something around bothering you and you don’t see the way out, you never will be happy and satisfied. I am creating a new way to the fitness (well maybe I am not the first one, but what the heck), I am passionate to work with body and mind together. I am willing to do it because I have been there and I taught myself how to create an amazing connection between body and mind.
My new closed group was created today. This group is for those who are still searching their way through life. Life is hard. Are you one of those who went through a horrible event like cancer? Are you one of those who wants to create your body, make it better, beautiful and flexible? Are you one of those who wants to improve your subconscious mind? Are you have an interest in spiritual awakening? Are you one of those who desperately want to lose weight and don’t know how and where to start? Are you one of those who tired of being driven by ego and you want to be guided by soul? Well, this group is for you then! Together we are the power! Do not hesitate to join if you are looking for fun, useful information on fitness and mind work, get a bit of advice and give a piece of advice. I am working on creating new challenges, polls, amazing mind work stuff, and so on. This group’s idea to help people get through life, entertain, help each other. This is a group about mind and body power.

Feel free to Join here.


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And once again, level up! Law of You! Blew my mind!

Something changed in my life and me overall. The thing that I realized in the process of subconscious mind work just blew me away. I still can’t get the whole idea, because it’s fresh and looks like I have to work more.

Before, if some people remember, I talked about the Law of Attraction that I thought it is working. Well, there is no such thing. I tried to tell myself it earlier, but something got me back to it, and I was sure that it was right.

I know now, the more people practising LOA, the more chances for them to get insane. Why? Because their dreams are not coming true, they will never do. What if they did, you may ask. Look back, don’t you see how much actions you implemented into your dream? Wasn’t it you who made the dream come to you? You did it with your actions and choices, not the Law of Attraction.

Personally, I don’t like the book “The Secret”, it is in my book shelve but I never opening it. When you go through it, you may notice that there is one idea that is spreading all over many pages and there is no clue that in each desire should be a tremendous amount of work.

I knew that a long time, but I couldn’t understand what is wrong with that thought. There is nothing wrong; it is the real truth. Being such a keen worker, I learned (and still learning ) to control my subconscious mind and the chatter that is continuously playing in the head. I found the Off button. There is no need to write affirmations anymore. The more you writing an affirmation, the more you experience lack of that what you want.

That’s huge, guys! You see, people got insane over affirmations because it makes them feel better. But in reality, if you love yourself fully and unconditionally, do you have to remind yourself of that? Don’t you know that? So why do you need to write all over and over again: “I love myself”?

I see how the Law of Attraction making people miserable. I met some of those. Why? Because there is no Secret in this world. The most fantastic secret is you, that is needed to be learned. If you know who you are, if you can switch the off the button in your head when you want it, if you know how incredible you are, if you act upon your goal no matter what means you are the Law. You are making your own Law, “Law of You”.

There is no one out there to guide you because you can guide yourself. And you did most of the time thinking that was the God or whoever it is. You are magic; you are the Law; you are a fantastic creature. Only you can make your dreams come true. Get the fuck out of that mirror and look in your mind instead. See the truth that is saying to you; you don’t have to look in the mirror and say that you are beautiful. You are beautiful. Listen your subconscious mind screaming with disagreement and laugh. Your subconscious mind loves repeating lies. That’s it’s a favourite toy.

Stop doing affirmations and dreaming about what you want; you are capable of anything. The shitty Law can’t control your dreams.

Listening to Abraham Hicks I always asked the question. When person that is talking to her (them, whatever) saying that something wrong and the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Abraham, with her scumming voice, saying: “Hey, you have too much resistance! You want it too much!”

Resistance? I never had any resistance in me. Yes, I wanted something but isn’t that Law saying you should. How is that Want and Not Want at the same time? Oh, let it go, that is the answer. Well, isn’t Let it Go idea showing you that you have to stop giving a shit about your dream?


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Am I weird? Yes, but not insane.

Sometimes I am harsh, I really am. My Russian vs German nature is talking. My strength is impacted my life — that power inside of me, making me even stronger. I went through everything in my life, like literally, and I didn’t break. That’s why I am like that. All events that happened to me during my childhood, adulthood made me stronger.

I am not judging anyone; I am observing the mistakes and imagining what would I do in that situation or any other. I am collecting knowledge for my creation. Most people think that I am weird. I am, and I love myself for that. Anyway, I know that many of those who believe that I am weird, insane themselves. I know now that insanity is a part of an ego that consuming people’s soul. Insanity is when a person lives in mediocrity, depression and misery and not willing to do something about it. I know those, I’ve met them.

Yesterday one thing happened. I’ve been invited to the party, and there was a woman who came with her child. I know that woman; she is always depressed. I remember she asked me before how I became who I am now. I told her back then that in every creation is a hard work that needs to be done. When she heard it, the interest was lost, and she never talked to me again. I am pleased about it. Why do I need some miserable people in my life?

Well, she sat at the party yesterday, being unnoticed because there were so many people and children, everyone has been busy. She sat and waited; no one came to her to talk. I didn’t want to be around that low energy that she was carrying in her. Then she became so upset, grabbed her child’s hand and run away from the party.

Well, that’s not how you are creating your life. I see that many people are talking about enlightenment, changing their food habits for healthier options, joining yoga classes and even some going to seminars to listen to what others would say.

But hey, you can do everything of that all together every single day, but if you are carrying shitty low vibration inside of you and not willing to rid of this, you always will be left out and miserable.

You can eat healthy food and drink fresh water, but it won’t make you healthier.

You can put in your body tones of vitamins, but you won’t become better.

You can go to seminars and listen to others, but if you are not applying the knowledge, you will always be depressed and miserable.

You can go to the gym every day, but you will never get your best body if you think that you are fat.

Don’t be insane, don’t feed your ego with more garbage, grab the books and apply the power. I am mean, I know, but look, I never felt sorry for myself, because unconsciously I knew that if I don’t change something, I will sink into insanity forever.

Insanity is an inability to learn and apply. Be passionate about it! Be obsessed with your soul! Only that way you can get out of insanity.


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I experienced enlightement today.

Guess what? I had such a great experience today.

First, I had a tarot reading session with one of the bloggers, her name is Kim, and she is a psychic. You can check her blog and what she can do over here:

And information about tarot reading here:

Seconds, I have got a new friend, which is Kim, of course.

Well, I love tarot like a way to enlighten my mind and get useful information from those readings. People who don’t believe in cards never will experience and realise how much tarot can say to us.

I went to many psychics, and I see that Kim is very talented. She picked up that stuff which I would never guess anyone could. I see everything in her reading has a logic, and it is resonating with my thoughts and feelings.

I know, that being a reader takes the level of energy, and I hope I can learn one day to do it myself.

I love how she got that vibe, which is very important because if there is no vibe, there is no truth. Kim did readings with four different cards that are so beautiful! They look like an art. Yes, Kim, I love your tarot, and I will repeat the session with you as soon as I see the changes in the situation. 🙂

Ok, guys, who really would like to have a reading, it is 60 Australian Dollars for an hour session. Very reasonable price.

What are the tarot cards for me? How it’s useful?

1. They clarify the situation.

2. They show me which way to go.

3. They answer my question.

4. They remove doubts.

5. They raise my vibration.

6. They make me feel great.

7. They give me the ability to focus on the main area of my interest.

And many more…

We did reading session through the App named Zoom; it is an excellent quality, it is working worldwide, it let people create and experience sessions like this. I used Zoom with people like Kim, my mentor Paul, with gipsy Dyane who did my chakra cleaning. Zoom is perfect for conferences.

I am delighted I met Kim, it is for a reason. I am giving this feedback because she is a great psychic, and she is excellent at advice. Thank you, Kim! I wish you luck and prosperity, I wish your reading business grow, I wish you learn something new each time you do the readings, I wish people talk about you and say these words: “She helped me a lot”.

And yes, this card (The Sun) is put everything into place.