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Subconscious mind work. Lesson 1.

According to my previous post about subconscious mind work, I would like to share my secrets with everyone. Before I couldn’t do it because not everything was perfect. But now, I see that I am already capable of providing some information. It is working perfectly, and every day I am enjoying my life more and more.

For those who don’t believe in the power of the mind, move guys to another blog, you are not able now. For those who stay, you can’t just do it in one day or ten minutes – subconscious mind reprogramming is a long process, and it should be unstoppable. Are you still here? If so, let’s continue.

You should be obsessed about reprogramming. Do not believe spiritual gurus, life coaches and motivators who are saying that they can reprogram your subconscious mind in 10 minutes or 21 days. It is not true.

Why? Because your subconscious mind absorbed everything since you came into your mum’s belly. Then through your all childhood, teenagerhood, adulthood and now. It is absorbing information non-stop. Can you rebuild an old building that was ruined by the war in a short period? Nope. You have to wipe out the ruins and create new.

So, subconscious mind it is a creative process, like building a new house. Ok, how did I start? My first lesson and experience. I already posted before about limiting beliefs. Well, it is good to repeat.

So, limiting beliefs is what subconscious mind absorbing so fast. They can come from your relatives, friends, teachers, social media, TV, movies, music and so on. Any information that is repetitive and that you strongly believe, your subconscious mind absorbs it. It is required to rid of them. Until beliefs in your mind, you won’t move forward, you are blocked and blocking good things that you want.

First, you have to grasp that all limiting beliefs that you believe are lies. They don’t belong to you; they came from outside like parasites. Compare your beliefs to parasites that aliens inserted in you, so your mission to rid of them, if you want to live.


Discover your limiting beliefs. They could be anything, even small and innocent, those beliefs blocking your magic. I will give you an example. I always believed that I am stupid. This belief was inserted in my mind by my classmates and teachers at school because I was terrible at math. How did I work with this belief?

Buy a new white paper journal for your work with the subconscious mind; it is crucial. If you skip the writing, it will never work. Your subconscious mind is seeing through your eyes and listening through your ears. Did you buy a journal? If you don’t have one, use white paper. Journal is excellent because it will remember all your work and you always can back to it, going through pages and see the progress and also it is harder to lose.

Write your limiting belief and brainstorm them.

 – I am stupid.

 – Is this true?

 – Yes.

 – Is this 100 per cent true? Why?

 – Because I am bad at math and teachers said so.

 – Well, there are probably things that you are brilliant at. Think about what are they. Maybe you smart at making decisions. Maybe, you smart at writing. Maybe you quick at strategies or you sharp at folding t-shirts. There is always something you are doing better than others.

 – Well, I am smart at cooking, fitness. I can name many things that I can be smart doing.

 – See, this is not true, even if we talk about math itself. Why should you be smart at it? In our world, there are so many famous and great people who were bad at math, for example, Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison. Lack of math knowledge didn’t stop them, and it is ok to be bad at math. You can count from 1 to 100, and it is enough. In our time it is easy, we have calculators so you can use one too as an option. Lack of math knowledge doesn’t make you stupid at all.

 – Yeah, that’s true. I can see how easy I can do my fitness assignments and they all about science. I even love to discover information about how our body is working.

 – See, you are not stupid, this is a lie! You are smart! You can do anything. You are a super person. You are 100 per cent able! You are amazing! Math is good, but we can be happy and successful even if we don’t know it.

See guys, working with your limiting beliefs and thinking out of the box giving you great chance to rid of them. Do this exercise with all your limiting beliefs. Work it out, write it, brainstorm them. They are parasites that have been inserted in your mind by aliens. They all lie!

Good luck with this exercise. I promise when you finish your work you will feel such a great relief about your life. You will feel amazing, confident and ready to create.

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21 days or more that is working like a magic!

From my life experience, I know only one person who is similar to me, like-minded one. I am happy and grateful that I have at least that one. The rest, they do not believe in the power of the mind, they don’t know, or they too much stressed to think about something else than their problems.

To reprogram subconscious mind taking 21 days. But I can say from my experience; it is way much longer. Our subconscious mind is like a stubborn child who believes everything he sees or hears. When it is coming to that point when you are removing it’s from the habitual state, it is hiding in the corner, scared of everything that doesn’t resonate with it and kicking and crying because it doesn’t want to do the stuff the others saying.

In many cases, its stubbornness goes wild – you may notice that everything is crushing around you, your pet is dying, your friends’ such bitches, you losing money and stuff, your tech at home is breaking, you getting sick. It is not a coincidence.

Subconscious mind trying to stop your actions and in many cases it is successful. People stopping because they see the wretched and dangerous results, they are scared or annoyed.

When this phase is going away, and you didn’t stop, your sub-child is giving up of kicking and starts smiling at you. But this is not the sign that it is giving up completely.

Subconscious mind work is to not let you rid of resistance and limiting beliefs. It continues lying to you, trying to talk you out, begging you to give up. This phase is also may get you to the state of going back because you start to think that life before was so comfortable and familiar. Your cosy blanket is magnetising you so intense!

But this is not the blanket itself; it is subconscious mind became so persuasive. It gets you to the past and saying: “Remember how amazing you were feeling?” if you don’t care, it gets you to the future and saying: “Who are you kidding, mate? Your dreams are unachievable, don’t you see?” Many people are giving up here because they are becoming anxious and depressed.

I know many great techniques that I am using to reprogram my subconscious mind, I will be posting about them in a different post. Don’t miss it!

Remember, to become the Master of your subconscious mind takes time and effort, it should be the number one topic in your life. If it is not, you are wasting your time and means you are not ready.

You all know that bird named Phoenix in Greek Mythology. A phoenix obtains a new life by arising from the ashes. You have to metaphorically burn your habits and beliefs to create a new experience. If you don’t give up, the subconscious mind gives up instead and recognises you as your Master and Boss. It listens to you and creating new patterns based on your new knowledge and habits.

From the ashes, we will raise.

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What is love?

What do we want in our life? Many things, of course, but one of them that crucial it is love. We want someone to love us; we want to give love.

Anyway, tell me why there are so many people suffering because of love? Because what they are suffering from it is not love. Name it as you like: ego, selfishness, relationships, lust, addiction, but this is not the love itself. As soon as humans start adulthood, they are searching for someone to be with. Why? To live together and produce children so they won’t feel lonely, this is relationships, but not love.

Many individuals think that if they fall in love with someone, that person should love them back, this is an egoistic and selfish feelings. Should they really love you? Why? If the person falls in love and can’t live without another one, trying to use every method to get his/her attention, this is addiction mixed with lust.

So what is love? First, love doesn’t make you suffer, and it is above the relationships. Love won’t make you hurt. Love won’t make you hate another person; there are no steps between love and hate. Love doesn’t grow into hatred.

Love is when you accept yourself and another person entirely without any conditions. Before love someone, you have to start loving yourself and give love to others. Love is always congruent. Love can live without physical actions because love is coming from the soul.

And yes, this is very important, when you realize what real love is, you will feel that you do not need anyone to be around. You love yourself so much that this love is enough, then you become noble energy. This noble energy is in the air, and it is magnetizing another noble energy, your true love. In that case, if two noble energies are getting together, their life becomes a honeymoon, there is no hate, no scandals, no disappointments. They know how to keep love in presence.

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Life is hard! :)

Life is hard! It is for someone, and I realised it is not for me anymore. To get to that state that is making me think like this, I went through many challenges. I have never been broken mentally, because somehow unconsciously I knew that something better for me in the future. I went through all the challenges that made me stronger and the person who I am now. When I hear that someone in depression, stressed, worried I want to shake this person and say: “Listen, the Universe never gives you more than you can handle”. Every situation is a challenge, and this is only our choice on how to apply our experience and knowledge. If you are whining about how everything is awful, you are choosing the side when the Universe will give you more of that shit. But if you are smiling and saying to yourself: “At the end, everything will work out for me.” The Universe will give you a solution, and you will win. It is only up to you how to treat the challenge. The more you will be upsetting about the future, the more anxious you will become. The more you will stay in the past, the more fear you will create. Trust yourself. Do not nurture your negativity and weakness; no one will help you; there are no savers because no one cares. Only you care and everything that is happening to you it is your responsibility, you attracted it into your life. Don’t point the finger and make excuses; there is no one to blame. You have got only one life! Life is precious! You are valuable! So wipe your tears and go, resolve all challenges, pretend that you are a superhero because you are. You are the power!


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13 reasons to fire your Personal Trainer.

How would you feel when you go to the doctor and realised that he/she didn’t go to college and didn’t have the education to treat your pain? You would probably run away, right?

I know that I would never trust a life coach who is 18 years old, which means he/she doesn’t have experience in life at all. I would never trust a life coach who doesn’t have a proper psychological education.

As well, I would never trust a personal trainer who doesn’t have a certificate in training, no matter how much experience he/she has. (If you cheeky you can make money this way because without certification they can’t cover the insurance if something happens to you during training session).

I would never trust a personal trainer who doesn’t look fit, even he/she has a certificate. And even though, recognising good PT it is right for you. So how you recognise a terrible personal trainer? I am helping you now to save a huge bunch of money because no person should pay for a bad experience.

1. Personal trainer chewing gum during the session. Run as fast as you can, because this trainer doesn’t care.

2. Personal Trainer staring at the distance or other people around but not at you, this is a problem. PT should pay close attention to your actions during training, because you may perform your exercises wrong.

3. A personal trainer never corrects your form. Run! He/she doesn’t know what to do, bored and doesn’t respect you.

4. A personal trainer doesn’t have a certificate 3 and 4. Run! He/she may have the experience, but if you not intended to make a good profit by injuring yourself, break up with this PT.

5. Personal trainer smells bad. That PT who doesn’t realise how important to be clean and tidy knows nothing. Run!

6. A personal trainer not fit or overweight. Yes, I met those. I tell you what, run away as fast as you can! If PT doesn’t fit it is a bad sign. Will you sit in the hairdresser’s chair if her hair looks awful? Will you sit in the dentist’s chair if his teeth far from a Hollywood’ s smile? No way! With personal trainer is the same.

7. Personal trainer trying to sell you something beside his training, this is just inappropriate. It is not a fish market. If he/she would get you on the mailing list and will send you offers it is excellent, but if the sales occur during training, run! This PT is interested in making money only.

8. Personal trainer shaming you for your body, this is bad! PT should motivate you to be honest but never point at the problem in a rude way.

9. Personal trainer using the phone during sessions. Run! It is sucks!

10. A personal trainer doesn’t give you homework. You should be responsible for what you are doing, and he/she should trust you with homework because it is right for you. If PT doesn’t care, run! A personal trainer should be available to you 12 hours per day to give advice, answer your questions, control your diet and activities.

11. Personal trainer talking too much. Good PT is listening and answering questions. They support you during sessions and never talk about their grandma or other problems. You can talk about your issues, and they listen.

12. A personal trainer that is doing only one training thing, it could be cardio or lifting weights. If you don’t have a specific goal, they suppose to mix the exercise activities for you to see if you are capable of doing something else. Doing only cardio won’t give you a desirable result.

13. You are not getting results. Well, in some ways it could be your fault, especially if you don’t listen to what PT is saying to you and eating like a horse at home. But if you are training like crazy, you keep your promise and eating as PT said, you doing all homework and there is no result, run. It means your PT doesn’t know what to do.

Hey folks, there are so many mistakes that personal trainer does, but they could be just one time mistakes. Anyway, if you feel that the things are repeating and your guts are telling you to run, start to look for another PT. Always trust your guts.



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“Thank You!” to that fish or chicken for keeping me alive.

I love animals and pets and can’t imagine life without them. I love every living energy in this World. If it were my power, I would send to prison those who abuse animals to having fun or express their potential. I know those who beat their cat or dog are disgusting cowards.

Anyway, being like this, I am not vegan myself. Even though, I am eating only chicken and fish. Before cooking, I am saying “Thank You!” to that fish or chicken for keeping me alive and energetic. People will cook meat forever; they did that in ancient times. I can understand it, and I know that we all have to respect those animals who were killed to make our dinner.

The thing I would never like it is killing animals for fun like hunting or killing animals for fur, for bones. The situation like abusing animals is unacceptable in any way.

I do remember; I beat the hell out of classmate who tried to cut a cat’s tail and see if the pet would live after or not. I remember I shamed a woman who was trying to step on the white pigeon. If it would be my power, I would forbidden animals exploitation around the World.

I know that I am no better than them cooking fish and chicken for dinner, but at least I respect the animal and will never abuse or hurt a spider, a mouse, a cat, a bird. We all one energy, we are oneness. And Karma is a real bitch!

The more people abuse animals, the less they are humans. And it will always return to them; it will. You get what you give.

A person can kill for protection or survival. That’s what animals do. They never kill for have fun or to see what would happen if one chew out the head of another. Respecting animals and pets, it is empowering our souls, and yes, without flora and fauna, we are dead.


I love Australian Zoos, they are protecting and nurturing animals, and one of my dreams is to open the park for abandoned pets and animals.