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Guys, give me a little chance

To be here. I have lost a person who edited my posts. You know I am not a native English speaker. I promise I will try my best and if you recommended me to use appropriate APP or program that would correctly edit my texts, it would be so much appreciated. For now, you better be patient and read my crooked English. 🙂 I am improving every day! I do!

The one thing I will never stop is writing. I love it so much! Hope you understand and let me be a part of the writing community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Other Cool Stuff

I love beautiful things 😊

I found these pendants in second hand shop. They are made of silver and precious gems and cost me 5 dollars. Sometimes the Universe can give such a great gifts to remind that abundance is in you. Look how amazing they are.

Sri Yantra is 12.000 years old symbol that is balancing right and left aspects of the brain and helps to fulfil your dreams.


Labyrinth is an ancient symbol related to wholeness, representing a journey to our own centre and back again to the World.


Flower of life is a portal to other dimensions and worlds physical way and mental. Represents connection with Universe on the soul level. Aligning your energy to a higher vibration.

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You are what your beliefs.

The world around you will never work the way you tend to think.

You wait and watch then you believe and accept.

It works the other way around, you believe then you see the result.

Many of my friends saying: “I will believe when I will see it with my eyes.”

It is a ridiculous suggestion.

You can wait all your life, and you will never see anything because you don’t believe it.

You always receive what you give. How to make anyone love you? Easy!

Give love, and you will receive it back.

Our life created on our own beliefs.


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Perfect place to start your new lifestyle.

Before it was a problem for me to start, but now it is a problem to quit. How are things with gyms in your city?

I know, not all gyms are great. My first one wasn’t at all. I remember I started to go to spin classes and body pump group workout, but I have been bored so quickly.

It is the main barrier for those who are beginning their new lifestyle. Another is that people think they are too shy to go and do their workout in front of other people.

Honestly, there is nothing to be shy about. When people are working out, they usually don’t pay much attention to what others do. So, what are your main excuses and barriers when someone says to you that it would be a great idea to get a gym’s membership? You know all of them, but how about the benefits? Not sure?

Well, first and the most amazing one is that you have access to all equipment like barbells, dumbbells, bands, machines. The list is endless.

If your gym support group sessions, this is a wonderful idea to start your new journey.

Every gym has working personal trainers. They are happy to give you a lesson and introduce you to new exercises. If you have no idea where to start, a personal trainer is a fantastic solution.

I know many clients don’t know how to perform activities, they have no idea about order and form, so if they continue to do so, they quickly may end up injured. A personal trainer is there to show, to teach, to entertain.

If you love people, you are always looking for new communications. The gym is the best place to discover new friends. They may remain the gym’s friends forever, but you will still find pleasurable to go to the gym and see familiar faces.

A gym is a social place, so it is a fantastic place to observe life and learn. Are you still doubting that? You will never know if you never try.


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The magic exists!

Lately, I got myself into mindset creation, that consumed all my time. I became obsessed with the opportunity to create myself. I can’t believe that I never knew everything that I know now! It feels like I have been in the dissolution all my life and one day some wizard came and gave me the wings to fly.

First, one of the people I knew, introduced me to the Secret book, but this book is confused me even more. I know, many people who read it, they felt the same. I understand that some of those who I know, they read the book, and they just laughed and put it away. But, it wasn’t me. In some way, I have got that itch to discover more. I wanted to dig deeper.

I found a person who opened the door that led me to the knowledge of Universal laws. In the end, this guru almost ruined my life, but I still grateful that I had that experience. After such a wrong lesson, many would stop, but it is not me. The more I thought about self-improvement, the deeper I wanted to dig. I kept asking myself questions: “Why it is going this way but not another?” or “Why it happened?” You all know the feeling of obsession. I became obsessed with the idea to find the answers.

Well, the teacher appeared when the student is ready. One day it happened. I found Mr Paul Santisi, another wizard who has opened the door for me to the vast knowledge. I bought his program, and I am at the learning stage right now. I learned a lot! I can’t even say how much I learned; it is like the secrets of life are unfolding in front of me. I am grateful for the opportunity and this knowledge that is with me now. It is five minutes to learn and a lifetime to apply.

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Journaling secrets.

Do you journal? Why is it so important? Journaling is the primal talk to your subconscious mind, and it needs to talk. Most people don’t believe in the subconscious mind which is a huge mistake. Others don’t think that it could help them to achieve something or it necessary.

From my own experience, I see how beautifully my world is changing around when I am talking to my mind. I know some secrets about it, and one of them is journaling.

Anyway, some people do journaling, but not everyone knows how to journal right. Journaling also has many great benefits such as mood boost, and it gives you a sense of well-being.

Journaling and writing are reducing stress and signs of depression and improving your memory. It is also calming your mind. Of course, everyone journal in their way but there are some rules that better to follow if you want to change your life. That’s how I am doing it.

1. I am writing when I wake up and having a cup of coffee. In the morning your mind is fresh and doesn’t overload with a negative suggestions. So this is the best time to start. When I am waking up earlier than others in my house, they are not bothering me, so it is “me” time.

2. I am journaling with my earphones. I am choosing the right music for this. The music should be without words and pleasurable to listen, such as baroque music. I love electronic trance, it is energising me through the day.

3. One girl I know, she is journaling negativity only. The explanation of this that it is the only way she can rid of bad feelings. Honestly, I think this is a bad idea. Journaling for me, as I said at the beginning of this post, it is a conversation with your subconscious mind. You write it on the paper, and all the written words you see and think, so your subconscious mind remembers everything. The more negativity it sees, the more it creates a similar pattern that projecting into your life later.

4. What to write? It is up to you. My first words in the morning are gratitude for the day, health, abundance and everything I want from today. Then I may write about the dream last night and trying to figure out what it said to me, or I can write affirmations that make me feel amazing. At the end of the day, it is gratitude for everything great that happened.

5. One more thing to know, when you writing your journal always give the reason “Why?” For example, you want to go and see your grandma who lives in another country. You would like to get on the plane and arrive safely. Write why you want it.

6. Never use words like: “I can hardly wait…” or “I can’t believe…”, or “This is going to be…”. Try to use present or past times and words that are pleasurable to hear. Imagine it is happening now or already happened with a great outcome.

7. You probably heard that some life coaches are selling their journaling techniques to the masses? I think this is a real shame for them. There are no special techniques; it is more coming out of your feelings. If you feel bad or sick, don’t journal that day, wait for a better time. Feelings are everything.

Okay, I hope my post would help some of you to start your journaling right way. Or maybe, I inspired you to start a journal today. I am doing that more than a year now, and this is my favourite part of the day, I always can find time for it, and I am feeling so amazing doing it.

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Gratitude should be a habit.

What is your habit? I am sure many of you have a habit of negative thinking. But why it should be like that? Don’t you tired of being negative all the time? Why not develop a new habit?

Every morning when I am waking up, I am grateful because I am alive. Gratitude is very powerful, it is like a remedy and working on your brain same as an act of kindness.

I am grateful for the day that is ahead; even I don’t know what to expect.

I am grateful for the food and water.

I am grateful that I am alive. At the end of the day, before going to sleep, I recall all the good moments that happened through the day and projecting gratitude to the Universe.

The more you projecting your gratitude, the more good stuff coming into your life. Gratitude is real medicine to your mind.

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